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Cabinet d’orthophonie Jessica Bélisle Macquart


Le Cabinet d’orthophonie – Jessica Bélisle Macquart is a local business that aims to provide language assessment and rehabilitation services to clients in the Outaouais region. Our mission: to provide quality service to our clients of all ages in order to meet their communication needs.

Business description:

Our services are aimed at both adults and children. These can take the form of one-on-one meetings, home therapy sessions, or virtual meetings via a video conferencing platform. We provide language assessment and therapy services to our clients. We have speech therapists who can work with language difficulties / disorders, speech disorders (stuttering, articulation, apraxia of speech, phonological disorders), with voice patients (post surgery, feminization of the voice), with adults (post stroke, post-head trauma) with children (ASD, language development, social communication disorder, developmental language disorder).


Our mission is to provide quality speech-language pathology services to the people of the Outaouais and to promote our great profession.


Our values ​​are customer service, self-development, investing in interests and specializations, integrity, team spirit, innovation and respect.