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Business environment

Your business hub at AGORA

AGORA offers a stimulating, vibrant and inspiring business environment. Whether you are self-employed, have a start-up, SMB, work in the public domain or for the government – if you are looking for a creative, dynamic and highly versatile environment, AGORA offers you flexible workspaces in an extraordinary atmosphere. Take advantage of modern offices with balconies and access to a community of professionals for networking.


Ergon, an inspiring and innovative work space for professionals

Opening Date: Winter 2022.
Location: In the heart-centre of Agora.

Our inspiring & innovative concept will allow members to access a potential client base of 100k people in a 5km radius.

The private & semi-private work spaces, conference and content-creation rooms will support members in developing strong professional relationships between members and merchants of Agora.

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Are you a retailer or a merchant?

At AGORA, all businesses benefit from a privileged location near the plaza, a gathering place at the heart of the project. Urban, active and diversified, AGORA’s clientele is fond of gastronomy, events and activities of all kinds.

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